What's Included

Media & Minutes

  • 5-Minute Videos

    Over 175-Minutes of perfectly portioned video content that is easy to understand and progress through in a self-study format.

  • Clinically Proven Research

    Join over 1-Million participants who have benefited from the ACE study and the work Dr. Brian Alman and his global network of researchers have produced.

  • Healthy & High Performing

    Our program participants show immediate health benefits. We also know that health is predictor of productivity.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Getting Started

    • Are You Aware?

    • Welcome to Less Stress Now

    • ACE Questionnaire Pre Course

  • 02

    Week 1: Expanding Awareness

    • Week 1 Overview

    • Pre-Survey: Expanding Awareness

    • Start Letting Go

    • Focus and Feelings

    • Integrate To Let Go

    • Post-Survey: Expanding Awareness

    • Resource: Inner Voice Visualization Technique for Letting Go

  • 03

    Week 2: Self-Acceptance

    • Week 2 Overview

    • Pre-Survey: Self-Acceptance

    • Deep Learning

    • Turning Points Breathing

    • Play-Based Relaxation

    • Post-Survey: Self-Acceptance

    • Resource: Friendliness, Care and Compassion Within PDF

    • Resource: Experience Your Challenge Audio

    • Resource: Heart Rate Variability

  • 04

    Week 3: The Science of Stress

    • Week 3 Overview

    • Pre-Survey: The Science of Stress

    • Science of Stress

    • Entrance-Exit Technique

    • Self-Protection Technique

    • Post-Survey: The Science of Stress

    • Resources: Entrance-Exit Technique

    • Resource: Entrance-Exit Technique PDF

  • 05

    Week 4: The Movie of Your Life

    • Week 4 Overview

    • Pre-Survey: The Movie of Your Life

    • The Movie (Story) of Your Life Technique

    • Re-Writing Your Script

    • Celebrate Your Life Technique

    • Post-Survey: The Movie of Your Life

    • Resource: Letting It All Go + Watching The Movie of Your Life

  • 06

    ACE Questionnaire

    • Course Completion

    • ACE Questionnaire Post Course

Mental Health & Mindfulness Training for Stress of 2020

Learning to manage your stress is easy with the Less Stress Now Self-Mastery Course

  • Watch on-demand digital content easily on a flexible schedule

  • The most efficient & effective way to influence mental health

  • Measurable results with pre and post assessments prove ROI

  • Assess the mental health of your workforce with a Stress Analysis

  • Engage your team during a live webinar Dr.Brian Alman